VoDATA Broadband

Our full range of broadband services includes Fibre Broadband using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Converged Broadband and Assured Broadband dedicated to our voice services.

Our broadband is designed exclusively for the business market – offices and homeworkers. Our network has been built to provide high-quality products and services and this is supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers. Our unique Assured services are designed for IP telephony, whether it’s for VoNET SIP Trunks or VoCALL hosted telephony.


Ideal for home workers, offices or start-up businesses, available to over 99.5% of the UK and providing a range of speeds that optimise what’s available in your area.

Our broadband is a family of superfast internet access products delivering downstream speeds of up to 24Mbps. It’s part of Gamma’s family of high quality business-class broadband products designed to meet the bandwidth and usage needs of today’s go ahead companies.

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Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

FTTC access is rapidly spreading across the UK. By upgrading to fibre broadband you can make the Internet work so much harder for your business.

FTTC is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations where data and bandwidth is business-critical. Download speeds are up to 80Mbps and upstream speeds are up to 20Mbps. And as you’d expect from Gamma back that performance with higher reliability and excellent customer service.

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Assured Broadband

Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit into your business which delivers guaranteed voice calls of the highest quality. It’s a specialist product supporting our IP telephone services and includes everything you need for first class IP telephony: a Cisco router, a business-grade broadband connection and the IP telephony service itself.

Assured Broadband is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and offers optional capacities of between 5 and 30 concurrent calls.

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Converged Broadband

Converged Broadband is a single connection where voice traffic takes priority on a percentage of the available bandwidth. Think of it as the fast lane of a motorway, reserved for priority traffic during busy periods but open to everyone the rest of the time.

With Converged Broadband you need buy only one service for voice and data. You’ll benefit from the significant cost savings of consolidating your voice and data to one connection.

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Converged FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)

Two high speed business-grade products on one circuit. Our Converged FTTC service combines assured voice and high-speed internet access on one FTTC circuit.

Converged FTTC is a single broadband connection where voice traffic takes priority on a percentage of the available bandwidth. Speeds up to 40Mbps downstream and 10Mbps upstream, with either 200GB or unlimited usage options.

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